DISRUPTIVE ZONE brings disruptive solutions based on BLOCKCHAIN


  • We envision a change in the way we will interact with each other and with our environment based on Blockchain. Collaborative finances will give freedom to the people and every industry in the world will use the Blockchain model to improve our society.



  • Our mission is to collaborate with the different actors of this new ecosystem and provide them the tools to be able to operate based on Blockchain solution.

One of our most important strategic objectives is to be the company of reference when it comes to open the LATIN AMERICAN market to companies that have developed or are developing blockchain based solutions in other markets and are willing to expand and reach a potential of millions of new customers. Our blockchain solutions cover a wide range of develpments such a bitcoin exchanges (just to name one cryptocurrency).

Disruptive Products and Services

Blockchain Services

We provide Blockchain consultation as well as full Blockchain projects.

ICO Services

We do all the work to have your ICO released.

Legal Services

We can help you if you are looking for professional services regarding to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Fintech related topics.

Fintech Products

Wether you already have a Fintech idea or an executing project, we can help you improve it and provide value-added to what you have.

Cryptocurrency Services

We have our crypto currency exchange and we offer crypto currency services both locally and cloud-based.

Certifications / Events

We provide courses both online and on premises as well as preparations for international recognized certifications both in blockchain and cryptocurrencies areas as well as information security. We also create events related to those topics of our expertise.

Make change. Be change. Don’t be comfortable. Be disruptive.

Disruptive Technology

Blockchain technology has a large potential to transform business operating models in the long term. technologyBlockchain distributed ledger  is more a foundational technology—with the potential to create new foundations for global economic and social systems—than a disruptive technology, which typically "attack a traditional business model with a lower-cost solution and overtake incumbent firms quickly". Even so, there are a few operational products maturing from proof of concept by late 2016. The use of blockchains promises to bring significant efficiencies to global supply chains, financial transactions, asset ledgers and decentralized social networking.

How You’re Protected

You protect digital assets. How do you protect against online breaches or theft. Our level of protection differ from country to country.

Why Us?

We have been in business for more than 4 years and we guarantee you the best quality in the services we provide.

Bitcoins in 5 minutes

Learn how Bitcoin works in 5 minutes from a technical point of view.

Bitcoin Price



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